Chart Radar
Chart Radar
JMA-900M Series (Discontinued)

a radar system harmonised with ECDIS that provides all necessary info logically on the same screen





Land Equipment




The JMA-900M chart radar is a harmonized radar system with ECDIS, displaying all necessary information logically on the same screen, allowing for convenient operation. This solution will be used to monitor info relevant to maneuvering, navigation routes, and ship's conditions and so on, which efficiently will reduce the human factor for grounding or collision.

Enhanced Networking

The JMA-900M series basic radar specifications and scanner types are equal to the renowned JRC JMA-9900 radar series. This system is developed to enhance the radar performance, user-friendly operation and visibility and is compliant with IMO performance standards and regulations. The ECDIS system displays information from official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) and integrates information from GPS and AIS.

System Electronic Navigational Chart

The chart radar is able to use the official System Electronic Navigational Chart (SENC). It is equivalent to an up-to-date paper chart. The SENC may also contain additional information from other sources. It is possible to modify the information displayed on the charts by the operator subject to limitations of SENC info required at all times in all geographical areas and all circumstances.

AIS Interfacing

The AIS is an important piece of navigation equipment onboard for collision avoidance and maneuvering. The information broadcasted from other ships will be displayed, together with geographical information shown on the radar or ECDIS provides highly applicable data for strategic decisions and for prompt contact with other ships.The AIS targets are never shielded by ground, rain or cloud reflections, nor are they eliminated by adjustments of sea or rain clutter. Also, it is easy to switch between AIS target symbols. ARPA targets are shown on the same screen of the radar/ECDIS. Comparing these targets is very useful, as it provides the maneuvering conditions of other ships at a glance, allowing for safe and effective navigation.


You can overlay radar image onto chart information. Navigating has become easier because a range of navigation equipment is combined, which includes electronic navigation charts, traffic and depth information and so on, generating audible and/or visual alarms when the vessel is in proximity of navigational hazards. Route sharing is also possible. After inputting a route on the ECDIS, you can simply transfer all data, allowing you to monitor the unchanged course on the radar.

High Visibility

The JMA-900M series incorporates a 23.1" high definition color LCD display. The innovative display modes allow you to view chart and radar information image at a glance, ensuring simple operation without having to switch between displays.

Large LCD display

JRC's JMA-900M chart radar incorporates various self-diagnostic programs to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting, reporting any possible problems it might suffer, allowing for easy maintenance and more reliability.